Nobody's Perfect - Daydreamer Box

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As we inspect our inventory, we discover items with small flaws and remove these items from our general inventory. 



  • 10, 20 or 50 Piece Tee Shirts per Box - please keep in mind that we do our best to get you a variety but there could be some duplicates in these boxes.
  • Shirts will include Rock ‘N Roll Band graphic tees and other graphic tees and could be short sleeve, long sleeve, tank tops, crop tops, etc.
  • Box of 25 Sweatshirts/Sweatpants -  Please keep in mind you WILL get duplicates in this box. 
  • This box will include both Rock 'N Roll Band graphic sweatshirts and other Daydreamer graphic sweatshirts, as well as sweatpants.
  • These items are all flawed in some way.  Minor defects will include any or all of the following - small holes or stains, missing hangtags, missing care tags, missing size tags, etc. You can see examples of the damage in the photos above.
  • Daydreamer is a collaboration With Free People. Some of these shirts will have tags that say "Daydreamer", some will have tags that say "Day" (Which is a collection featured in Urban Outfitters) and others will say "Daydreamer X Free People".