The New Standard for Liquidation Clothing

Clothing Resale, Made Easy.

A wonderful variety of liquidation clothing from Nordstrom, Saks, Revolve, and other high end retailers.  Hand-sorted, delivered to your doorstep within 10 days. Become part of our community and order your first box today. 

A Peek Into Our Process

We know that buying from a liquidation company can be nerve wracking, which is why we're focused on consistent communication and transparency. Hence, we wanted to show you how your orders are processed.

We inspect everything as soon as it arrives at our warehouse. Once we receive an order notification, we pull the appropriate amount of clothing and inspect it for a second time. Next, it's walked over to our folding and packaging table where it's inspected for a third time, folded and boxed. Once it's boxed, we seal it with a kiss and send it to your doorstep! We are always willing to work with you if there are any issues with the clothing you receive.Our success is your success and we look forward to working with you!

Our boxes speak for themselves.

We could tell you how great we are, but we would rather let our boxes speak for themselves.

Great Name Brands

Each box is hand inspected and packaged to ensure a variety of labels and options to resell.

High Retail Value

@elleann_chic received a Madewell coat that retails for $268.