5 Summer Style Trends to Source in 2021

5 Summer Style Trends to Source in 2021 - Boutique by the Box

Summertime is approaching once again (it’s 2021, NOT 2020, in case you’re having a hard time keeping track like we are). For many of us, summer means emerging from our quarantine cocoons and itching to get dressed up to go out and play! 

Style trends in 2021 are all about mixing bold choices with soft comfort. Check out our five favorite summer fashion trends for 2021!

1) Slides

Kicking off our list is a comfy sandal that has made its way into our hearts and onto the feet of models and celebrities. Slides are the perfect go-to shoe to slip on as you run out the door to finally brunch with your besties after a long year apart! 

The slide trend isn’t just about comfort though — designers and retailers are bringing us a wide variety of stylish shoes for all tastes. Whether at the beach or out on a post-COVID adventure, slide sandals are there for you. 

2) Miniskirts 

Just like in the roaring twenties of the 20th century, people in 2021 are ready to raise some hemlines and party to celebrate the end of a pandemic! 

Minis have made a comeback in a big way for summer 2021 styles. These short skirts will make your legs look amazing — and help you show off your favorite footwear. Find them in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and don’t be afraid to flaunt what you’ve got!

As the weather heats up, why shouldn’t you? 🔥

3) Crochet

Maybe it’s the DIY spirit that everyone seems to have gotten into during quarantine, but crochet is a trend that has stuck around and is still going strong in the summer 2021 fashion world. This fits into an overall homemade aesthetic that’s been rocking the runways for the past year or so!

You’ve got TONS of options with the crochet trend, from crop tops to tote bags to hats, and even swimwear! Keep a special eye out for 70s-inspired crochet to stay on trend and have a groovy summer. 

4) Pastels

We're showing some skin, but still feeling a little soft and vulnerable — so we’re glad the pastel trend is sticking around through summer! Pastels can suit all varieties of skin tones and aesthetics, and no matter what your fav summer item is, we bet you can find it in a pastel hue. 

You’ll see pastel maxi dresses, pastel swimsuits, and even pastel tie-dye in all forms, bringing a calming sweetness to the season. When in doubt, think tasty ice-cold sorbets and fluffy cotton candy. Who could resist? 

5) Denim

When it comes to outerwear, denim jackets are a classic no matter the season. This summer’s fashion trends favor baggier, loose denim worn over any of your favorite styles! The relaxed and oversized fit is perfect to keep you comfy and cozy while still rocking a cool and casual jean jacket. 

Here at Boutique by the Box, we love providing you and your selling business with clothes that are exciting and on-trend. What summer style are you most excited to find in your next box? 

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