5 Things You Can Do TODAY to Get More Followers on Poshmark!

5 Things You Can Do TODAY to Get More Followers on Poshmark!

You’ve probably scoured dozens of sites in your search for how to get more followers on Poshmark. They all seem to say, “Get involved in the Poshmark community! It’s all about following and sharing!” But what does it mean? 

Trying to gain followers can feel like fighting a losing battle, and yet somehow all the top Poshmark sellers seem to have tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of followers. You might be wondering how that can be when you’re struggling to crack 1k? 

Whether you’re just starting on your Poshmark reselling journey, or you’ve been killing it in online reselling for years, you’re probably looking to grow your Poshmark following. And it makes sense! More followers means more eyeballs on your latest listings, which means more sales and more booming business for you. 

So, how is it done? Here are five things you can do TODAY to grow your Poshmark following! 

1. Follow for follow

If you’re a Poshmark veteran, this is probably old news to you. For newbies: following other Poshers is the easiest way to gain more followers! A solid percentage of those you follow will follow you back -- the follow-for-follow success rate is way higher on Poshmark than on social media apps like Instagram and Twitter. 

Before your thumbs start flying though, it’s important to be strategic about your follows. Don’t just open up Poshmark and start following anyone who crosses your screen!

The best way to start is to head to a big closet with similar items to the ones you’re trying to sell. This might mean a Posher who is selling similar brands of clothing, or rocks the same styles that you love. 

Once you’ve selected your Posh doppelganger, head over to their Followers list. Since these folks love the styles they’re following, there’s a higher chance they’ll not only follow you back, but actually be interested in buying your wares!

2. Share the love

You’ve probably learned by now how to share your listings with your followers to spread the word about your latest inventory--but have you been sharing the items from other Poshers?

Sure, sharing your own items multiple times a day is a way to keep reaching new potential buyers, but ultimately it’s not going to grow your Poshmark following. Share the love! 

Scroll through feeds or past parties and see if any items stand out to you. Take a look at that Posher’s closet, and if they’re selling clothing that you jive with, go ahead and share 5-10 of their items. If you have time, leave a short friendly compliment about their closet or one of their pieces! Those little things help motivate them to return the favor and share your listings right back. 

But what if that Posher doesn’t have notifications turned on? The best way to catch your fellow resellers and gain followers on Poshmark is to share other people’s listings from the party feed, during a party. That way you’ll get active users who are ready, willing, and able to follow you right back -- and share some of your items as well!

3. Become a Posh Ambassador

A Poshmark Ambassador is an officially verified user, and represents someone who is actively buying, selling, and sharing. The big draw of becoming a Posh Ambassador is that you are guaranteed to gain more followers on Poshmark -- the app/site recommends your closet to other users, and new users are more likely to follow you!

Remember when you first started on Poshmark? The site automatically gave you 1000 people to follow when you entered the brands and styles you loved upon signing up. Wouldn’t it be great to be one of those 1000 people that new Poshers get to follow?

It all sounds great! So how do you become a Posh Ambassador?

  • Share at least 5,000 items from other Poshers
  • Share your own items at least 5,000 times
  • Have at least 50 available items for sale in your closet
  • Make at least 15 sales
  • Maintain an average rating of at least 4.5 stars
  • Ship your items on average in 3 days or less

Definitely doable for a driven, focused reseller like you!

4. Party Time. 

Every day is a party day on Poshmark! Each day there are 4 parties: morning, mid-day, afternoon, and evening. Usually these parties are for specific brands or trending styles! Sharing your listings to these parties means that they stay in that showroom for as long as it’s available, normally the rest of the month. That’s a big leap from the general feed, where your item gets quickly swept away in the tide of shared listings! 

BONUS TIP: Since party feeds can stretch pretty long, it’s smart to share your items towards the end so that they’ll show up near the top of the page.

If your item is brand-new and has never been shared to a party before, it shows up in a separate showroom called “First Look” exclusively for newly listed items. Lots of shoppers check out the First Look showroom to get the best deals and find hot items!

Some rules of thumb for Poshmark Parties: You can only list each item once, so wait until the party has 30-60 minutes left and share each of your listings once. For this reason, for once we’re telling you to NOT share other Posher’s listings to the party! Don’t throw a wrench in your fellow Posher’s strategy, that’s not a good way to gain followers. 

5. Play Hostess

Speaking of parties...don’t we all miss hosting these days? You can still scratch the hostess itch -- in a virtual Posh Party! 

Being chosen to host a Posh party means a big influx of followers when Poshers see your name listed as the host of an upcoming party. Then during the party, people often follow the co-hosts hoping to get host pick. This means you’ll get the chance to select one of the partier’s items to feature during the party! 

Getting selected to host a Poshmark party means you have the honor of choosing items for a special “Host Pick” showroom that buyers can then shop from. That’s a great way to show off your personal style and highlight the brands you love to the whole Poshmark community. Plus, you’ll get to show all your new followers the kinds of items you love, telling them what they can expect to see in your closet if they follow you!

Not only will you gain a ton of new followers, but it’s a ton of fun too. You’ll get to meet your fellow Poshers, and see the kinds of listings that folks really respond to!

Apply to co-host a party on Poshmark HERE!

Look over these tips -- what can you do right now to gain followers and grow your presence on Poshmark? The hustle is real, and you get what you give when it comes to following others, sharing items, hosting parties, and more! The Posh community is ready for you to step up your game and grow your reselling business as you grow your followers.

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