Trustworthy, Same-Day Shipping, Hand-Sorted Liquidation Clothing

Let’s start with the obvious. 

Sourcing high quality clothes at thrift stores is a challenge. 

Sourcing high quality clothes during a pandemic is tough. 

Sourcing high quality clothes when you live in a small town is near impossible. 


Regulations are changing by the day, the lines for stores can be around the block, and the high quality clothing can take more time to source. 

You see other resellers posting their incredible hauls with Trina Turk shoes they found for pennies on the dollar, you see someone found an Armani coat that retails for $1,000 at Goodwill for $10. Everyone in these bigger cities seems to be killing it with their hauls.

It’s not as easy for you. You have to spend extra time driving out to the thrift stores, finding the best and the worst through trial and error, and then drive all the way home just in time for the real work to begin. 

Cleaning, photographing, listing, commenting, bundling, offering, packaging, checking in, managing reviews, posting online, sharing other posts, the list goes on and on. 

Is your heart speeding up just thinking about all the tasks you have to do? You know that stress. The frustration of feeling left out and overwhelmed. 

Well before we continue, take a deep breath and relax. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Thrifting in a small town can be hard. The quality of products isn’t always great, and the time it takes to drive to a better thrift store is precious time wasted. 

What if you could have the benefit of high quality clothing delivered directly to your doorstep?

Instead of spending hours sourcing items for your resale business, you could be listing more products, growing your following and packaging sales. With enough sales, you can have enough income to hire support, which ends up further increasing your sales, which means you can make more AND take a well deserved vacation. 

It sounds too good to be true, but that’s where you’re wrong. 

We’re going to let you in on a secret. 

All of this is achievable. In fact, you can have high quality clothing at less than wholesale prices delivered to your doorstep AND your first items listed by the end of the week. 

At Boutique by the Box, we like to think of ourselves as your thrifting fairies. We sort through pallets of wholesale NWT/NWOT clothing and create custom boxes delivered right to your doorstep so you can have more time to grow your business. 

Interested, but skeptical? We get it. 

You may have been burned by liquidation companies in the past. 

Unresponsive, no quality control, no customer service. We could sit here and try to convince you on why we’re different, but we thought we would let some of our customers speak for us instead. 

Our boxes are inspected over three times, hand sorted, and shipped from our warehouse with same-day shipping. Our customer service is second to none (try it. Email us with a question and see how long it takes to get a response!). Unlike other liquidation companies, we understand that our success comes from your success. Our quality is important, but not as important as allowing you the opportunity to have a thriving resale business from any location. 

“Hmm, but how do I know that this is real? It sounds almost too good to be true.”

We know. That’s why we refer to ourselves as the Boutique Fairies. We know it can be hard to trust a new liquidation company, which is why we are offering a mini trial version of our deluxe box. 

For only $100 you can receive 5 samples of our high end and 5 samples of our basic items. You can test out the shipping, customer service and resale values.

Every one of our orders gets same-day shipping and customer service support. Questions? We'll answer them. Any issues? We'll take care of it.

We are here to make sure that YOU succeed.

Shop this exclusive offer NOW. 

Still unsure? Listen to one of our teammates Lexi talk about our sourcing and business here. 

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