MDWLL + JCRW Assorted New / Returns Manifested Pallet #183

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  • CATEGORY: Assorted Variety
  • CONDITION: New With Tag (NWT) / New Without Tag (NWOT) Customer Returns. Labels are marked through by the manufacturer, and this may transfer to the fabric sometimes. We recommend a product like Amodex for removing stains, including ink.
  • GENDER: Men's, Women's, Children's
  • SHIPPING: Depending on your location, this item may be shipped in boxes rather than a pallet.
  • UNITS: 265
  • PRICE PER UNIT: $11.00
  • AVERAGE MSRP: $ 88.38
  • TOTAL MSRP VALUE: $ 23,421.50
  • NUMBER OF UNITS OVER $100 MSRP: 80 units, which is 30% of the total pallet!
  • BRAND SPLIT: This pallet is 67% MDWLL items.
  • CHILDREN'S CLOTHING: Per the manifest, this pallet includes 8 boys and girls pieces.

Discover the thrill of unboxing wholesale inventory with our untouched, raw mystery pallet—delivered directly to you just as we received it from our vendor. As each pallet is in raw condition, unaltered and unsorted, it is sold in its original, as-is condition, with all sales final.

The majority of items in this pallet are New With Tags (NWT) from customer returns, though some tags may have detached during fulfillment. Despite many items being in pristine condition, expect to see occasional signs of wear or handling, like makeup smudges on the neckline, small snags, dust marks, or even holes. Some items also have clear tape marking minor blemishes. This pallet includes factory or outlet items, per the manifest.

You may notice that some labels have a marker line through the label. This is standard practice for wholesale clothing from some vendors and is completed before the inventory arrives at our warehouse. Just a heads up—the ink might transfer onto the fabric in some instances. For any visible marks, we suggest using Amodex to get out the ink.

It’s important to note that since this pallet is completely raw and untouched, we can't predict the exact assortment of colors, sizes, styles, or designs you’ll receive, and one should expect to receive any size of clothing. Duplicates are quite common, so be prepared to find multiple items in the same style, size, or color.

Priced at our lowest bulk rate, this pallet is a fantastic deal—just keep in mind that additional discounts or coupon codes cannot be applied to this purchase.



We've found this inventory sells best* on platforms like Poshmark & eBay.

*this is a recommendation only, not a guarantee




This raw, unsorted pallet is sold AS-IS with no returns or refunds.


This pallet ships free within the contiguous United States, which saves you over $300 on freight charges!

Reseller Pro Tips

Found an amazing piece in your box that has a few slight imperfections? That’s ok! They are easily fixable. Here's some tips on how to fix those pieces →

Deodorant Marks

Wipe with a wet wipe, then blast it with a fabric steamer – the deodorant marks will disappear!

Makeup Smudges

The same product that takes makeup off your face will take it off a neckline! Grab a bottle of the pink capped micellar water (pink cap is a must, as the blue cap has oil as an ingredient), and dab it on lightly to remove the makeup smudges. Less is more, and it should dry without any watermarks.

Pulls on Fabric

Get yourself a Snag-Nab-It tool from Hobby Lobby or Amazon, and it will instantly repair any snags or pulls without leaving a mark. Use a paper towel to rub over the top of the fabric after using this tool to smooth out any threads that have been displaced.

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