7 Fall 2021 Fashion Trends to Take Your Mind Off How Close We Are to 2022

7 Fall 2021 Fashion Trends to Take Your Mind Off How Close We Are to 2022 - Boutique by the Box

Is it just us, or is everyone ready for fall already? It seems like Halloween decorations are everywhere, and pumpkin spice has already been filling the air even though summer is far from over. 

If you’re ready to step up your style game this autumn, we’ve got five hot fall 2021 fashion trends for you! Whether you’re looking to stock your store with the most in-demand pieces or fill your own closet with the latest and greatest, we’ve got you covered from the runways to Instagram street style. 

1) Step Up the Knitwear

Cozy clothing was our M.O. during COVID, and there’s no reason for that to change! If summer was a little too hot for you to jump on the crochet and knitwear trend, good news: this trend is sticking around for the fall and winter season. Try it in all forms -- skirts, maxi dresses, matching sets, and more. 

2) The Best of the Vest

Another trend we’ve seen soaring this past year is sweater vests.Try stepping away from the preppy version from the past few years -- the newest sweater vest trends include funky patterns, shapes, and colors that will really make you stand out. Keep an eye out for statement vests that pop with texture, detailing, or size (bigger sometimes IS better!). 

Too hot for a sweater vest? Wear it alone as a top, then toss it on over a shirt or turtleneck once the weather turns cool! 

3) Bring a Little Sparkle

It’s time to shine, literally! Sequins don’t only have to be for a night out any more. Pair a sparkly top or skirt with a simple basic like casual denim or a white button down, and you’re ready to strut your stuff anywhere you like. Some people are calling this trend “revenge dressing” -- giving yourself permission to wear all that glitz and glamour we were denied for a whole year! Take that, quarantine.


4) Vibrant Hues

Usually fall means turning to more muted, earthy tones. Not in 2021! Bold, super-saturated colors are all over the 2021 fashion runways, filled with designers declaring that we are HERE and we are living LOUD! Step away from that burgundy, ma’am, we’re turning the saturation up to 100 and letting our fall 2021 style be bold and striking.   

5) Day of the Denim 

The death of the skinny jean is old news, we know. But slouchy, relaxed fit denim is really having a moment right now! Think oversize mom jeans and loose straight-leg pants. And we’re only getting baggier from here! Rumor has it we should expect to see more low-rise jeans on the market as trends continue to #TBT to the 90s. Speaking of the 90s, did someone say...Canadian tuxedo? That’s right, denim on denim is everywhere in fall 2021. Toss on that jean jacket over your favorite denim pants for a casual and comfy look this autumn!

6) Suit Yourself

Suiting isn’t exactly a brand new trend, but trust us when we say suiting is coming strong into fall 2021. Investing in a tailored suit silhouette is sure to carry you well into the new year! Not one for matching sets? Long suit coats are trending this fall, so snag something to protect you from the chill while still walking the streets in style this autumn

7) Puff the Magic Bag

Nothing says cozy and comfy for autumn like puffy accessories! Who doesn’t want to carry around a cloud -- or wear one? Puffy statement jackets and padded shoes are always floating their way into our lives for fall 2021 style trends. Padded shapes give a stylish update to our classic bags, coats, and slides. 

Which styles and trends will you be keeping an eye on for fall 2021? 

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