5 FREE Bundle Ideas for Translating Summer Pieces to Autumn

5 FREE Bundle Ideas for Translating Summer Pieces to Autumn - Boutique by the Box

As September comes to a close, shoppers are starting to turn away from summer trends and are looking to hop on the hottest fashions for autumn! But what if you still need to sell off some summer inventory in your Poshmark closet? 

Have no fear -- bundling is here! Poshmark bundles are a GREAT tool for resellers looking to boost sales, connect with customers, and move pieces that will soon be out of season.

What is a Poshmark Bundle? 

You’re probably a Posh expert at this point, but just in case you’re new to the reselling family…

A Poshmark bundle is when you group a number of items to be sold and shipped together with a discount that you, the seller, sets. This means that buyers get to purchase multiple items from you at a lower price, and YOU get to save on shipping and move your inventory quicker. Win-win! 

Poshmark bundles used to by mostly centered around the buyer experience, allowing them to pick multiple items they love from your closet and get them at a discounted rate. With this method, sellers set a default discount for bundles (usually a percent off the total price) which is reflected on the store page and automatically applied at checkout. 

The new(ish) bundling feature Posh Bundles allows sellers to group their own items and offer them to the buyer with a unique discount, just for that person. This means the Seller can be more proactive with moving their inventory and pairing cute items that they think would work well in the buyer’s closet!

How to Bundle on Poshmark

There are two ways to bundle items on Poshmark to boost sales:

  1. Create default bundles within your store
  2. Message potential buyers with a special bundled offer

However you choose to bundle, you will need to create a special percentage discount on the items, but you are not required to offer a shipping discount. 

Ready to get started? Go to your closet and select an item you want to offer as a bundle. Click “Share” and select the user you want to create a bundle for. Each item you share with that user is automatically added to their Bundle! Once you’ve included all the items, you can send the user a private offer through the Bundle page. 

TIP: Use the “Comment” button to add a personal message, telling the user why you bundled these items and how you think they would be perfect for their Fall wardrobe!

The benefits of bundling on Poshmark

Creating special bundles for your online closet seems like a lot of work -- so is it worth it? 

BONUS TIP: 5 FREE Bundle Ideas for Translating Summer Pieces to Fall 

1) Got boots?

Nothing takes a sun dress from summer to fall like a pair of boots! Poshmark bundles with summer pieces are sure to sell quicker if your buyers can envision themselves floating off to brunch in a long rust-colored maxi dress paired with cute ankle booties. If it’s mini skirts you’re trying to move, go for a knee or even thigh-high cut for a little bit of edginess!

2) Silky Meets Rugged

Silky satin camis and dresses are still trending, but buyers might be looking for something a little cozier as the weather turns cold. Try bundling those lightweight, perfect-for-summer satin pieces with a comfy oversize denim jacket. Throw in a relaxed-fit pair of jeans and your bundle will be flying off the (virtual) shelves!

3) Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Any summer outfit can be a fall outfit if you have the right accessories! If you’re trying to move some cotton graphic tees, try bundling with a knit scarf, trench coat, and leather belt to elevate the casual look. And of course, see rule 1: nothing makes a buyer dream of fall like boots!

4) Talk Cardi to Me

With the rise of knit and crochet wear, fashionistas will be snatching up cardigans and sweaters like crazy. Bundling a cute matching cardi with summer tank tops and tees you’re trying to move is a great way to sell an outfit and a look, not just a piece of clothing! 

5) The 90s Called, They Want Their White Tee + Slip Back

This trendy 90s look is back! If you’ve got lots of summer slip dresses to sell on Poshmark, try bundling them with a white tee or turtleneck to stay on trend while keeping your buyer nice and cozy. You’re not just a Poshmark bundle guru, you’re a fashion influencer too!

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