Our 5 Favorite 2022 Style Trends

Our 5 Favorite 2022 Style Trends - Boutique by the Box

We’re well into 2022, and boy is it already flying by! Fashion Week will be here before you know it, so we wanted to get ahead of the game and make some predictions for what the hottest trends of 2022 will be. Do you have any guesses? Let’s see if you’re right about the biggest fashions of the year!

Here is what we anticipate to be HUGE for style trends in 2022:

1) Y2K Nostalgia

If you’re a millennial, you might feel a little weird about your awkward teen years coming back into fashion. We know you’ve noticed the butterfly clips, chokers, and flare jeans – it’s official! The early 2000’s are back, with Y2K nostalgia being one of the hottest trends for 2022.

We’re looking at bright, happy, childhood-embracing styles like bubble dresses, ultra-low rise pants, and mini skirt. Platform shoes of course are making an appearance. The chunkier, the better! Whip out those rainbow-bright bags and stackable beaded bracelets to complete any look, and channel your inner Olivia Rodrigo ala “Sour” for ideas on colorful stickers and accessories.

2) Sweats, But Make It Fashion

That’s right, we’re definitely not ditching the leisure-wear any time soon! And thank goodness! We can’t wait to keep wearing our comfy, oversize joggers around town. If you’re looking to elevate this leisure look, head towards flowy culottes or knit flare leggings to stay on trend while still looking polished and ready for the world.

In 2022 daily athleisure is still huge as well, and you’re sure to see pics of celebrities strolling around town in tracksuit sets or matching leggings and sports bras. Comfy, casual, and cute! We love it (and the pants-hating voice in our head does too).

3) Purple for Daysssss

If you’re starting to shop for on-trend pieces, make sure you’ve got a Purple Haze in your vision!

With Pantone’s choice of Very Peri as the color of the year, you probably saw this coming. Purple will soon be everywhere from suits to bucket hats to shoes. This versatile color can be elegant or cheerful, childlike or regal. Find what hue works for you!

We love the calming tones of Very Peri for 2022 styles, but also the more saturated and bright purples that come with the Y2K trend, or even the regal and elevated tones of a deep purple. Purple is royalty in 2022 – no pun intended.

4) Regencycore

Fans of Bridgerton, rejoice! Your cosplays and costumes are fashion pieces now!

Corsets have been sneaking their way into wardrobes for a while now, and if you’ve been waiting to take the plunge now is definitely the time – in 2022, corsets are here to stay! Sweet, feminine cardigans are also huge, keeping with that cottagecore 2022 trend we love especially for spring and summer.

Playing full-on dress up not your style? Find a way to work this soft, delicate trend into your wardrobe in smaller pieces. We’re talking a floral skirt, lacy leggings, or a frilly piece paired with leggings and sneakers to keep you grounded. Remember, make styles work for YOU and you’re a fashionista in the making!

5) Mod Prints & Bold Colors

Considering the 20-year cycles of style and fashion, it makes sense that the 60s are making a big comeback in 2022!

Designers are blending 60s patterns, bright colors, and silhouettes with a pinch of Y2K nostalgia mixed in. It’s a year to get bold with prints and colors – psychedelic and eye-watering be damned! The runways this year are sure to be serving up bygone hippie and Mod looks for 2022 fashion.


No one knows what the year 2022 will bring – we’ve definitely learned that lesson from the past few years! – but at least we’ve got these fun 2022 style trends to look out for! Which one is your favorite?

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