These Popular Winter Fashion Essentials Are On Trend and Selling Fast!

These Popular Winter Fashion Essentials Are On Trend and Selling Fast! - Boutique by the Box

We all know that North Face jackets, puffy vests, and snow boots are going to resell well. These kinds of staples feel constant and unchanging, just like florals for spring (groundbreaking).

2022 Winter Fashion Trends are still coasting off the momentum (or lack thereof) from the pandemic lockdowns. We’re still not sacrificing comfort for style these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t express our unique sense of style and dress to impress!

But what are the hottest trending items for winter 2022 to keep an eye out for? We’ll break it down for you so you can track down these popular winter items for your store or your own closet!

  • Shackets – It feels like we were just learning the word, and now they’re as popular as anything! A shirt/jacket combo is big heading into 2022. Go for the classic wool plaid look for a surefire sale, or get more daring with a leather or shealing shacket to be on the cutting edge of 2022 style! 
  • Balaclavas –  You read that right – fashionistas are ditching their beanies and baseball caps for balaclavas. These cover your head and neck while leaving your face exposed (besides the facemask, of course). That’s one way to stay warm!
  • Wide leg trousers – This versatile trend has been around for a while now, and is great to wear with boots in the winter when you’re sick and tired of sweats, leggings, and denim! Then when summer hits, throw it on over sandals or heels for a cool and collected look. Worth investing in!
  • Quilted jackets and skirts – Quilting is very on trend this year, and a perfect way to stay stylish and cozy all at once! Think beyond jackets and vests; a quilted skirt can keep your legs nice and toasty while letting you have more fun with your wardrobe!
  • Fuzzy bucket hats – Ignore the bucket hat trend? As if! Rocking a fuzzy bucket hat in winter 2022 will stave off brain freeze while adding a quirky sense of style to your outfit.  
  • Shearling jackets – Shearling is back in a big way, on everything from coats to bags to boots. Adding an extra layer of texture and fun, people will be hunting for cute and comfy shearling to keep them warm through the winter months!
  • Leather pants and jackets – Leather is very popular this winter, both with leather jackets and pants. You don’t have to be a biker or a rock start to love this trend; look for straight leg cuts in black, red or olive green and pair them with a crewneck or button up if you want to feel less hardcore!
  • Platform boots – We’ve seen the butterfly clips. Y2K is the hottest trend of 2022, and you can dress for winter with some chunky lug sole boots or platform sneakers! As an added bonus, it’s helps keep your toes high above the icy and wet streets! 
  • Oversize puffer coats – If you’re looking for puffers, think bigger is better. Oversize has been a trend for a while now, and this winter 2022 style trends are serving us major cloud vibes. Keep an eye out for 80’s vintage vibes especially!
  • Fringe jackets – Yeehaw, rock that fringe! Picking up a fringe jacket is a great way to make a solid sale, as these are usually versatile enough to wear in three seasons and give major country music star vibes. 
  • Long cardigans – Perfect for wrapping around yourself while you stare longingly out the window watching the snowfall with a cup of tea toasting your hands. Look for kimono-length at least – long cardis and jackets will help keep that trendy winter 2022 silhouette!
  • Sustainable brands – Shoppers are really starting to think critically about how their choices affect the environment, and some of the hottest trending brands for winter 2022 are those that are carbon neutral, use recycled fabrics, and are made in sustainable ways. 

Keep an eye out for any one of these items that are on trend for winter 2022, and your online store will be booming with demand and customer satisfaction!

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