Just Getting Started on Poshmark? Here Are 5 Things You NEED to Have!

Just Getting Started on Poshmark? Here Are 5 Things You NEED to Have! - Boutique by the Box

Clothing reselling has only gotten more and more popular over the past few years. People have started looking for ways to make some extra money while working from home, and reselling clothes on Poshmark can be a fun and lucrative way to make some extra cash, or even start your own small business online!

If that sounds like you, you might be wondering the best ways to get started selling clothes on Poshmark. There is a lot of great (and not-so-great) advice out there, but here at Boutique by the Box we want to help break it down for you! 

Here are five essential things you’ll need to have if you’re ready to start reselling on Poshmark. 

 1) Poshmark account

As Julie Andrews once sang – the very beginning is a very good place to start! When you’re getting started on Poshmark, the first thing you’re going to want to do is create a Poshmark account. You can do this by visiting https://poshmark.com/signup and following the easy steps to create an account. 

To make your life easier, you’ll also want to download the Poshmark app! This will allow you to get instant notifications of when you make a sale, and also keep updated on listings, share your inventory, and interact with the Poshmark community. 

Notifications can be annoying, but here are two you’re DEFINITELY going to keep on: 

  • When someone purchases one of your listings
  • When a person asks a question about one of your items

Many Poshers like to get both a push notification on their phone AND an email when someone buys one of their items. This allows you, the seller, to a) be notified immediately of your sale, and b) keep track of your sales and have a backup email reminder if it slips your mind. 

Answering a question quickly can mean the difference between a sale and an “oh well, maybe some other time.” When someone is browsing for clothing, they want instant gratification – so the faster you can help answer their questions, the more likely they’ll buy your item. 

 2) Clothing to sell

Obviously inventory is the next big step! There are so many different places Poshers source their items, but many start with their own closet. So many Poshers get their start because they want to do some spring cleaning in their home, and they decide to try selling their gently used clothing on Poshmark to make a little extra cash!

Another source for Poshmark clothing reselling inventory is thrift stores. Maybe you love nothing more than spending hours on a treasure hunt at your local Goodwill or Out of the Closet, mining awesome finds out of the racks and racks of clothes. 

For those of you that prefer hand-picked boxes of liquidation clothing delivered right to your door, Boutique by the Box is ready for you with your very first box for just $100 for first time BBTB customers!

 3) Camera (or smartphone with a good camera)

Thanks to modern technology, most of us have an amazing camera right in our pockets. And it’s perfect for taking photos of your inventory! 

Smartphone cameras are great, but one thing they don’t do well is take photos in the dark. Making sure you have excellent lighting is the biggest MUST when photographing your inventory! You don’t need to get fancy – if you have big windows with natural light, just make sure to take your clothing photos during the brightest part of the day.

Besides good lighting, you’ll want a clean, plain background. Make sure you photograph all sides of the item, as well as any details or flaws you want the buyer to see!

Want to learn more about taking amazing product photos for Poshmark reselling? Check out our blog here

4) Packaging Materials + a Local Post Office

Once you start making all those great sales from your awesome photos, you’re going to need a way to package them up! 

Depending on the item, you’ll either need a mailer envelope or a box to fit your sold items. Some Poshers love sending fancy packaging with lots of decoration and a thank you note for the buyer. While this is a nice gesture and can help you build your brand and business, it’s not something that is required! 

The only thing you really need to do is make sure that your item is secure in its packaging and will stay clean and intact en route. To get packaging materials, you can always pick up FREE Priority mail shipping supplies from your local USPS post office, or even order them delivered to your door from USPS.com. 

Don’t be afraid to reuse packaging from other companies if it’s in good shape! The planet will thank you. 

 5) Printer + label paper OR clear packing tape

One of the great things about Poshmark is that they handle all the shipping details for you. It’s as easy as pie to make a sale – Poshmark sends you the label for your item, ready to be shipped out with the shipping already prepaid! Make sure you have a reliable printer to keep this process as streamlined as possible. 

You can either print the label from Poshmark, cut it out, and tape/glue it securely to your packaging; or if you want to make things extra easy, purchase label paper to print and stick in one step!


Getting started reselling on Poshmark can feel overwhelming if you’re brand new to the site, but with these 5 essentials we hope you’re feeling more prepared. Most sellers learn on the job, and you will too! 

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