An Expert Reseller's Guide to Avoiding Open Cases & Poshmark Returns

An Expert Reseller's Guide to Avoiding Open Cases & Poshmark Returns - Boutique by the Box

NO ONE wants that notification from Poshmark telling you there was a “Case opened for your sale.” Your stomach drops, and you frantically scroll through your inventory, wondering which item it could have been. What went wrong? Is it a legitimate problem, or a scam? Could I have prevented this??

We might not have ALL those answers, but at least we can help with that last question! 

How can I avoid cases open against me on Poshmark?

1) Describe the item correctly and thoroughly

This is probably the easiest way to avoid Poshmark cases and unhappy customers. It can be tempting to fire off a quick “black dress, size 12” but you’re going to get a lot of pushback when some picky buyer doesn’t like what they ended up with! Would YOU buy a secondhand dress with a one-line description?

Ask yourself, “If I was looking at this listing, what questions would I ask? What important information would I want to know about this garment?” Don’t be afraid to do a little research and see how the item is described elsewhere on the internet, or by other Poshers!

Some good things to include with the description are:

  • Brand
  • Color(s)
  • Pattern
  • Point out your favorite parts of the garment (“love this cute Peter Pan collar!”)
  • Condition
  • Ideas of how/where to wear it

2)  Look closely at all items for flaws

One of the most common reasons for Poshmark cases is the buyer getting their item and noticing a flaw that the seller overlooked or didn’t explain properly. True, some people have a difference in opinion when it comes to subjective things like the condition of an item or the wearability of a vintage piece. But it’s important to lay out the facts clearly and concisely so that they know what to expect. 

You can avoid these kinds of returns by looking closely at your inventory under a bright light, and inspecting the inside and outside of clothing items. Make sure you thoroughly describe any flaws you find, and don’t forget to add pictures! Think about what you would want to know if you bought this item and it showed up on your doorstep. 

3) Take clear, accurate photos 

There’s no arguing: a good photo makes or breaks a listing, no matter how good the item is or what a great deal you’ve provided. 

Photos from the original brand or seller can be great – the buyer gets to see the clothes in their original condition, modeled well and with good lighting. But if you ONLY include stock photos in your posting, a buyer could get suspicious and wonder what the actual garment looks like. They’d basically be buying it sight unseen!

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or model to get a great photo for Poshmark. Here’s a quick checklist to help you take great Poshmark product photos:

  • Prep the garment – no wrinkles, spots, or stains
  • Make sure the lighting is clean and clear
  • Have a clean background
  • Show all sides of the item
  • Take closeups of notable details or flaws
  • Include at least one picture of the item being worn

Want a total guide to taking amazing clothing photos like a pro? Check out our blog here!

4) Avoid sizing mistakes and conversion errors

Be as by-the-book as you can when it comes to sizes. Providing measurements of the clothing (measuring the waist, bust, and hips yourself) can be a great way to avoid a Poshmark case!

If you veer into objective sizing – aka “this is a medium but runs small” you’re opening yourself up to a potential misunderstanding. What’s more, if the buyer doesn’t end up fitting the clothing, they can open a case and argue that you stated the incorrect size! There’s no way to prove that it “runs small” – but you can definitely show that you included the measurements in the listing, which can help your case. 

Make sure that you list the size that is ON THE TAG, and don’t add your own commentary about that particular brand fitting a certain way. If the brand has unusual sizing, you can mention in the description that you recommend checking out that brand’s website to ensure a true fit. 

Finally, with international products it’s vital that you convert sizes correctly. Not all brands use the same sizing systems – which is a huge pain! A good idea is to include that brand’s size conversion chart, and clearly state in the description what sizing system the brand uses. This is especially important with shoe sizes. It’s smart to include a photo of the size listed inside the shoe, and the brand’s conversion chart! 

Last but not least, include the measurements of the garment in the description. Yes, we already said that. But it bears repeating!

5) Package the item securely for shipping (and ship quickly!)

There’s nothing worse than shipping off a beautiful item (and a great sale), only to have it all fall to pieces because your packaging…well, fell to pieces. 

The most important thing about packing your Poshmark sales is 1) keeping the item within the box/envelope so that it doesn’t fall out, and 2) preventing damage. A standard mailing envelope is usually fine for soft items, but you might want to consider shipping in a box with bubble wrap if you’re sending shoes or other items that can get squished.

If it’s the rainy season, take extra care that you’re packaging your sales securely and in a waterproof sleeve. 

Once you have the item well packaged, it’s important to get it to the post office as quickly as you can. If you haven’t shipped in 7 days, the buyer can request to cancel the sale. Keep on top of things!

A good rule of thumb is to ship within 3 days of the sale. If you’re not going to be able to make it to the post office within a day or two, it’s smart to communicate with the buyer and let them know when they can expect their package!

Dealing with returns and open cases is one of the worst parts of reselling on Poshmark. But with these tips, you’re giving yourself every advantage and avoiding common mistakes that can lead to Poshmark cases! Happy selling.

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