Do These 5 Things to Hit Your Selling Goal Next Month

Do These 5 Things to Hit Your Selling Goal Next Month

Being a successful reseller is about more than just sourcing great items, sharing your listings every day, and managing your independent business. It’s about being a productive and efficient entrepreneur, and making sure that you’re working smart rather than too hard. 

With our help, you’re definitely going to meet your selling goal next month. Follow these productivity tips for resellers and you’re well on your way to success!

1) Create Good Habits

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle may have lived over 2000 years ago, but he had the right idea. The key to productivity throughout the ages has been forming good habits that become second nature as you repeat them on a daily basis. 

Have you gotten into the habit of scrolling through your phone in bed for an hour after you wake up? That might not be the most effective way to start your day! Instead, try getting up, stretching, and drinking a big glass of water. Even a small change such as that will get you off to the right start. 

Cultivate habits that make you happy and healthy, rather than sucking away your valuable time. Change your habits, change your life!

2) Do the Hardest Things First

Everyone has that one thing hanging over their head that they’ve been putting off forever. Maybe you need to send an awkward email, or message a buyer that the purse you sold them is actually not quite in mint condition. Ugh, it puts knots in our stomach just thinking about it. 

Do it first. Yes, it sucks -- but putting it off only casts a dark shadow over your whole day, distracting you from your other tasks and making you a less efficient (and more anxious) seller. If the task feels insurmountable, take just five minutes and make progress on it. Just a tiny bit of progress can be enough to break you out of your rut and get the ball rolling!

3) Write it Down

If you’re a busy and successful seller, chances are tasks quickly piling up. Don’t forget to ship that order, remember to share that listing, and make time to steam that awesome piece from your BBTB box! These tasks can quickly feel overwhelming and lead you to feel like you have too darn much on your plate. Burnout is just around the corner!

It may sound obvious, but writing it all down on paper can make all the difference. As you list out the tasks you need to complete, put a star by the ones that have to happen today! Once you have them written down, your brain can better process and categorize your workload. 

4) Set Daily Goals

Your monthly selling goal can feel daunting and sometimes near-impossible. But as all dedicated entrepreneurs soon discover, the joy is in the journey not the destination! Every day is valuable, not just the last day of the month when you do or don’t meet your goal. 

Setting small, manageable goals each day allows you to focus on the work rather worrying about the distance to your selling goal. Each day, there is always something you can accomplish and a task that will push you closer to your goals. Breaking down the selling goal into smaller steps allows you to tackle it day by day -- plus you get that serotonin boost when you check one off your list!

5) Plan for Tomorrow

At the end of the day, it’s tempting to throw aside your laptop as soon as possible and veg out on the couch. But before you pour that glass of wine and open Netflix, you’ve got one final task that will boost your productivity as a reseller! 

Look at your calendar for tomorrow, and make a quick list of what tasks need to get done. At the very least, set a loose plan for what time you’ll be tackling each task, carving out specific chunks of your day for each one and writing it in to your planner. When you start your day tomorrow morning, you’ll thank yourself for the plan of action and have a much easier time managing your day!

We hope you’ll find these productivity tips useful as you reach for your selling goals this month. You got this!

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