You’ll Want to Know These 4 Fashion Powerhouse Women

You’ll Want to Know These 4 Fashion Powerhouse Women

Happy International Women’s Month to everyone! This month is a great excuse to celebrate all the badass ladies in your life, whether it’s your mom, you friends, your significant other--or yourself!

In honor of Women’s Month, we’re highlighting 5 of our favorite leading ladies who are doing amazing things for the fashion industry, some of which you might already know! Read on to learn more about these inspirational and influential women. 

Our favorite insight: find out what the co-founder and Vice President of Poshmark says is responsible for her company’s success!

1) Katrina Lake -- Founder & CEO of Stitch Fix

You’ve probably heard the podcast ads, and maybe even tried the service out yourself! Stitch Fix was founded by Katrina Lake in 2011, and is revolutionising clothing shopping for busy people who want handpicked items delivered right to their door. 

A graduate of Harvard Business School, Lake started her journey at an e-commerce company and found herself at the intersection of fashion, retail, and technology. She also invested in and worked with dozens of different start-ups and entrepreneurs, before creating Stitch Fix as a way for everyday Americans to have their own personal stylist. 

Stitch Fix blends personal styling with algorithms and an exclusive shopping experience. Stylists work remotely from all over the U.S. and are assigned to each customer, learning their style and needs. With the booming success of Stitch Fix, Lake debuted at #55 on Forbes’ list of “America's Richest Self-Made Women.” According to her personal blog, she continues to be “passionate about helping women achieve everyday confidence.”

2) Polina Veksler & Alex Waldman -- Co-Founders of Universal Standard

Universal Standard is changing the game when it comes to size-inclusivity in fashion. Co-founders Polina Veksler and Alex Waldman are working to create high-quality clothing options for women of all shapes and sizes. The two friends realized how hard it was for them to shop together at such differing sizes. Why should it be possible for one store to carry styles that fit all body types?

On the Universal Standard website, the two women outline their dream to revolutionize fashion and push the industry to embrace ALL shapes and sizes of women. Their Fit Liberty collection is revolutionary--they offer a one-year guarantee that allows you to exchange your item from the collection for free if your size changes. This includes maternity clothing! 

Universal Standard has proudly declared themselves, “the world’s most inclusive fashion brand”, and also works to level the playing field when it comes to racial inequalities. In honor of International Women’s Day, Universal Standard is donating 10% of all profits to the organization Black Girls CODE, which empowers girls of color ages 7 to 17 in STEM fields.

3) Stephanie Thomas -- Disability Fashion Stylist & Founder of Cur8able

Stephanie Thomas is a fashion journalist and Hollywood stylist who is raising awareness about disability dressing in the fashion industry. LA-based Thomas was born a congenital amputee, and throughout her life was frustrated by the lack of clothing and fashion that was accessible to those with disabilities. Armed with graduate degrees in Communication and Fashion Journalism, her career has included work in radio, television, and news media. Thomas has made a name for herself with her focus on accessible fashion and representation in Hollywood.

Thomas’ styling system comes down to three main questions that are key to dressing people with disabilities: Is the clothing ACCESSIBLE? That is, easy to put on and take off. Is the clothing SMART? That is, medically safe and healthy for the person wearing it. And finally, is the clothing FASHIONABLE? If it doesn’t work for the wearer’s sense of style and they don’t love it, it’s not part of the system. 

In 2010 armed with these principles, Thomas launched her first website for styling people with disabilities. She shared brands and styling advice, and in 2015 that website became Cur8able. Here, she shares clothing and brands that align with the standards of her careful styling system, as well as her own journalistic insights on Hollywood and the fashion industry as a whole. 

4) Tracy Sun -- Co-Founder & Vice President of Poshmark

Here’s a site we think most of you are familiar with already! Tracy Sun was part of the founding team of Poshmark, one of the biggest fashion resale platforms in use today. Sun was at the forefront of turning Poshmark from a Silicon Valley start-up into the huge online marketplace it is today. With over 4 million sellers, there’s no denying the influence that Poshmark  has had on the economy and fashion industry alike!

Sun began her journey in an unlikely place--she first studied biology and psychology at Columbia university, intending to begin a career in neuropsychology. An internship-turned-career at fashion retailer Brooklyn Industries soon changed her path to follow the intersection of fashion and technology. Sun went on to receive her MBA from Dartmouth University, and was a co-founder of Poshmark when it launched in 2010. 

Sun credits three trends to her company’s success, saying “What we have built is the future of shopping.” The first is the ongoing shift to online shopping, which has only gotten stronger and faster during the COVID pandemic shutdowns. The second trend she attributes with Poshmark’s ongoing success is the use of social networks. Finally, it’s the growing focus on eco-conscious secondhand shopping that she says has made Poshmark stand out.

Are you feeling inspired yet?! We know we are! It’s especially great to hear that according to the professionals, reselling isn’t going anywhere and is only growing from here! Don’t forget to place your next Boutique by the Box order today--say it’s your gift to yourself for International Women’s Month!

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