Top 5 Spring Trends We CAN’T Live Without!

Top 5 Spring Trends We CAN’T Live Without! - Boutique by the Box

Is it just us, or are the days starting to get longer again? It may only be February, but in the style world spring is already in the air!

Wondering about the hottest trends for 2021 fashion? Read on for Boutique by the Box’s top spring styles! All of these 2021 spring style trends will have you turning heads on the street -- and a few of these styles are sure to make you the talk of your Zoom meeting.

1) Big Shoulders, Bold Sleeves

It’s not new, but consider this a reminder: power shoulders and puffed sleeves are here to stay! It’s worth investing in a few pieces you love since this trend looks like it’s not going anywhere soon. 

The fashion world is bringing back the 80s standout shoulders look, playing with long line silhouettes in oversized boyfriend blazers. Shoulderpads make your outerwear stand out and with a cinch at the waist, emphasizes your figure and can elongate your legs. Just don’t be surprised if you intimidate a few folks with your newfound powerful spring style!

Not so into big, sharp shoulders? Keep up with the 2021 spring fashion trends with a different take on the bold shoulder. Puffed sleeves have been big for a while now -- no pun intended. With aesthetics like cottagecore coming into their own, and the emergence of popular shows like Bridgerton, puffy sleeves are more trendy than ever this spring. 

2) Bralettes: Unleash the Midriff

If you’ve been holed up at home this winter and feel ready to show some skin, you’re in luck! Bralettes have been sneaking back onto the scene for a couple seasons now, and spring 2021 has officially brought the bralette back into fashion. 

Get comfortable showing off your tummy again this season! Especially on trend are knit bras and bralette tops -- good for if it’s still a little bit cool outside. The bralette trend can be seen in every situation, from ultra-casual loungewear to business casual under a blazer. 

Feeling a little tummy-shy? Midriff flossing might give you a little bit more coverage, to help you feel bold enough to show some skin! You’ll see this flossing trend showing up as cords or ribbons wrapping around the stomach area as part of the bralette top. It’s not exactly conservative, but it might help the meek feel more ready to face the world!

 3) Cut-Outs -- They’re Everywhere!

Here’s one spring fashion trend that we’re seeing EVERYWHERE this year: cut-outs. From sweaters to dresses to semi-scandalous leggings, you’re sure to see lots of bold chunks taken out of garments everywhere. 

The theme for spring 2021 fashion seems to be coming out of your shell! With this built in air conditioning, you’ll keep cool as temperatures heat up. Have fun with some bold, geometric shapes cut out of a maxi dress, or find a shoulder-baring sweater for a more subtle nod to this spring 2021 trend. 

 4) Wide Leg Pants to Replace Your Sweats

Skinny jeans, you had a good run, but in spring 2021 fashion is bidding the skinny leg farewell! Maybe it’s because most of us spent a year lounging around with no pants on, but this spring the style is wide, roomy pant legs. 

We’re seeing wide-leg trousers and denim all over runways, catwalks, and on the streets. Whether you indulge in loose fitting jeans or wide-leg slacks, you can keep it casual and comfortable in all walks of life!

5) Sheer & Netting -- Show Some Skin This Spring

You know what, we’re sensing a theme. After so long stuck indoors, the fashion world is ready to show some skin in spring 2021!

If the midriff-baring styles we mentioned above felt a little too risky for you, we have good news: bralettes pair SUPER well with sheers of all shapes and sizes! We’re shedding our layers and blankets of winter in exchange for the light and airy sheers of spring.

Netting is also making a resurgence in spring fashions for 2021. Worried you’ll look like a fish caught in a net? These netting trends are popular for accessories like handbags too! A colorful netted tote is a great way to stay on trend without feeling overly exposed. If you’re into netted dresses though, we feel you! Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Spring 2021 Style Trends -- TL;DR

Overall, spring 2021 style is all about shedding our cozy cocoons, donning bold colors, and showing some skin! Whether you’re jumping right into the midriff-baring bralette trend, or floating into spring style in a sheer floral maxi dress, Boutique by the Box has you covered. We’re shipping out top-quality boxes of on-trend clothing that is sure to make your reselling business boom! 

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