Reseller Step-by-Step Guide to Poshmark Cases & Returns

Reseller Step-by-Step Guide to Poshmark Cases & Returns - Boutique by the Box

Uh oh…a notification from Poshmark, but it’s not a sale. It’s an open case and return request! What an awful feeling. When this happens, it’s easy to panic – but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered, so you’ll know what to do if a Poshmark case is opened against you. Read on to follow our tips, and you’ll get through this!

Read through the buyer’s complaint

It’s understandable to have a knee-jerk defensive reaction to having a Poshmark case opened against you, but stay calm and make sure you understand the situation first!

Take the time to read through and understand the buyer’s complaint, and why they have opened a case against you. Sometimes sellers make mistakes, and it’s certainly possible that the buyer has a legitimate reason for submitting for a return! If you were in the wrong, you can accept the return by responding in the case comments.

Some common seller mistakes include:

  • Sending the wrong item
  • Sending the wrong size or color
  • Missing or not disclosing damage or wear
  • Posting photos that don’t accurately depict the item
After you accept the return, Poshmark will send the buyer a shipping label so they can return the item to you within a few days. When you get the item back, make sure you check it over and verify that it’s in the same condition you mailed it in! If something is off, you can open a counter case against the buyer. They may be trying to scam you and Poshmark. 


Know your rights as a seller

Here is the return policy directly from Poshmark’s website:

“All sales are final on Poshmark. However, we take an active role in each and every purchase made to ensure both the buyer and seller have a great experience. A buyer may open a case with us if they don't receive their item or the item they receive is not as described within the listing.

Returns are not currently offered for:

  • Fit issues
  • No longer want the item
  • Delayed delivery"


    What is NOT covered is the buyer receiving the item, deciding they don’t like the way it fits or looks, and then trying to return it.

    Sometimes, the line is a little blurrier though. Here are some cases in which Poshmark might decide either for you or the buyer, depending on evidence:

    • Item color is not how it was described or pictured
    • The item had a bad odor
    • The buyer thinks the item is a knockoff/fake (usually for designer brands)
    • The measurements taken by the buyer differ from those listed
    In these cases, the best you can do is follow our next steps…


    Respond thoughtfully and calmly 

    Getting angry, defensive, or unprofessional will only hurt your case. Instead, respond to the open case addressing the buyer’s concerns and providing evidence that the return is not justified. Be sure that you are addressing the Poshmark representative, rather than arguing directly with the customer! That is the best way to keep the process clean and professional.

    If you feel the case is not justified, cite Poshmark policy with quotes and screenshots to tell the buyer and Poshmark employee why the case is not valid. Oftentimes, buyers will open a case because an item doesn’t fit or they just don’t like it anymore. They may not realize they are not allowed to make a return like this! Pointing it out clearly but respectfully is the best move.

    The open Poshmark case might require you to upload additional photos of the item, if for example the buyer is claiming that the item was damaged. Be sure that these photos are clear and high quality, and show the parts of the item that are in question! Feel free to also show screenshots of the listing and description.

    If the return goes through, check the item

    Unfortunately, scams do happen on Poshmark. If your item does end up being returned to you, immediately look it over closely to make sure it is the same item, and it was not damaged or exchanged. If it has been, contact Poshmark immediately with photos to open a counter case!

    Here are some things to look for in your returned item:
    • Different size
    • A NWT item having the tag removed
    • New damage to the item
    • A counterfeit version of the item
    • A completely different item! (should be easy to spot)


    Open Poshmark cases can be stressful, but follow our steps and you’ll get through it as a learning experience. For more information on how to avoid Poshmark open cases and returns, check out our blog!

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