8 Steps to Become a Poshmark Ambassador FAST!

8 Steps to Become a Poshmark Ambassador FAST! - Boutique by the Box

Becoming a Poshmark Ambassador can be a major step forward for your reselling business, and set you up for success! Posh Ambassadors are considered more trustworthy and reliable, and are recommended to average Poshmark users by the site.


  1. Being recommended to new Poshers automatically by the website
  2. Certified as trustworthy by Poshmark, which leads to more new shoppers and sales
  3. Establishing your business as legitimate because you ship quickly, have good customer service, and are truthful and accurate in your item descriptions


You can track your progress towards Poshmark Ambassador by going to your dashboard, then scrolling down to “My Posh Stats”. You’ll see an option right under your profile information for “POSH AMBASSADOR STATUS”. Tap “Check your progress”, then “Posh Ambassador: In Progress” and you’ll see what you still need to do to become a Posh Ambassador!


1) List 50 Items

This will be your first order of business – get those awesome items listed! You’ll need to have at least 50 items in your Poshmark closet in order to become a Poshmark Ambassador. This is easy for resellers in our Boutique by the Box community getting amazing, NWT clothing shipped to their door. Check out our boxes today to launch your Poshmark closet with some killer inventory!

2) Sell 15 Items

You’ll need to sell at least 15 of your listings to progress to Poshmark Ambassador. Easy! When you get your 50 listed items up, you’ll need to keep sourcing inventory and listing more items because you’re going to be selling all the while.

If you’re not seeing sales yet, make sure you’re following our tips:

3) Share listings from 50 NEW Poshmark sellers

This one is a quickie you can get done in just a few minutes! Be one of the first 50 Poshers to share a listing from a new seller, and you’ll get credited for this (and they don’t expire).

Find new Poshers in the app on your phone by going to Account → Find People → New People. You can try either “Fresh Closets” or “Just Joined”, then click through to different accounts and share at least one item! Some new Poshers might not have any items listed yet, just keep scrolling until you find 50 items to share. Done and done!

4) Share your listings 5,000 times

You read that right: 5,000 times! But don’t panic, that will come quickly when you get your inventory going.

Here are a few tricks to get to that 5,000 shares more quickly and efficiently:

  • Share your listings during a Posh Party. This will give you a two-for-one: share your item first to your followers, then to the Party! Boom!
  • Share your listings from your computer, not your phone. It’s way better than in the app!
  • Take 15-20 minutes a day to share your whole closet. Be patient and you’ll get there!

5) Share OTHER Poshers’ items 5,000 times

Poshmark is a community platform, so it’s not just about sharing your own closet! Spread the love around and sell others’ listings 5,000 times to become a Poshmark ambassador. 

100 shares daily will get you to your goal in 50 days. Share even more in a day if you want to get there faster! Try splitting into two sharing sessions, one in the morning and one at night.

Follow the above tips too, and share from your computer and during Posh Parties!

6) Keep your average shipping time under 3 days

Ideally you’ll want to make sure you’re shipping the day after you receive an order. The key here is consistency – you’ll need to make sure you have good shipping habits and practices in place! Swing by our blog to learn more about time-saving strategies and shipping organization.

7) Keep your average rating at 4.5 stars or above

This one can feel a little scary, since you can’t control what buyers will do. You can set yourself up for success though! Make sure you ship quickly, take lots of good photos for your listings, and optimize your item descriptions. Buyers who receive exactly what they are expecting, on time, will be sure to leave good reviews!

8) Write 1 Love Note for an item you purchased

Yes, this means you will have to make at least one purchase on Poshmark in order to become a Posh Ambassador. You can buy whatever you want, but make sure you rate 5 stars and leave a comment to the seller telling them how much you love the item!


Once you’ve completed these steps, Poshmark will contact you to walk you through the steps of OFFICIALLY becoming a Poshmark Ambassador!

Tell us about your progress on Instagram! Tag us @boutique.by.the.box and we’ll share your success!

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