Your BBTB Holiday Reselling Checklist

Your BBTB Holiday Reselling Checklist - Boutique by the Box

“There’s no way it’s October already.”

“Wasn’t it just March, like, 5 minutes ago?” Believe it or not, the weather is becoming cooler, people are breaking out their cozy sweaters and boots, and the holidays will be upon us before you know it. 

For resellers, October is a crucial month for planning! Holiday shoppers will be buying online in droves this year, and according to one in five Americans plan to purchase their first holiday gifts in October (or even earlier!). Considering all the shipping delays and out-of-stock issues that consumers have run into during the COVID crisis, it’s no wonder people are on the hunt for great holiday deals on the early side.  

If you’re feeling unprepared for the holiday rush that is breathing down your neck--never fear! Boutique By The Box is here with your official Reseller’s Holiday Checklist to prep you for the months to come!


  • Offer big sales on old inventory -- Start the holiday season off with a clean slate by giving big discounts on your slow-to-sell summer items. Out with the old, in with the new! If you have clothing that has been sitting in your Poshmark or eBay store for ages, it’s time to let it go for cheap (even if it means breaking even). Dropping your prices on inventory that you’ve been struggling to sell will make room for your next exciting batch of Boutique By The Box clothes. And as an added bonus, it’ll make your store look fresh and up to date with the latest trends!
  • Stock up on shipping supplies -- Don’t wait until you’ve run out of boxes and packing tape; get your supplies early and be sure to stock up extras. Preparing early will especially serve you this year when there have been lots of delays with shipping and supply chains in general! This is also a great way to support the USPS (something that 91% of your American consumers have a vested interest in according to a Pew Research Poll). Don’t find yourself unprepared without boxes and stamps when a big holiday rush comes through! 
  • Source seasonal fall/winter fashion -- It may sound “duh”, but as the weather turns cold, people are looking to buy coats, scarves, sweaters, and more cozy clothing! Do your research now on the style trends that are making their way into stores for Fall 2020. This will give you guidance on pricing popular inventory at a competitive rate, as well as appealing to fashion-conscious buyers who want the latest trends!
  • Look at last year’s successes (and flops) -- What sold well for you during the last holiday season? True, trends change from year to year, but it’s likely that you’ll see some helpful patterns in what sold and what sat around. Maybe you had a tough time getting sweater dresses to move, but coats were a big hit and you ran out early. Chances are you’ll want to invest in a bigger inventory of coats this year! New to selling? Be sure to keep careful records and be sure to utilize tools like Poshmark’s “My Sales Report” to give you a good reference for next year.
  • Build your reseller routine -- The holidays can be incredibly overwhelming, and they catch up to even the more organized seller before you know it! Establish a routine and organized workspace NOW while you have the time, and you’ll thank yourself in November. 
  • Choose a regular time each day to work on listings
  • Block out time for social media and responding to inquiries, etc
  • Pick your days and times for post office drop-offs
  • Designate a shipping station in your home with everything well ordered and ready to use
  • Organize your workspace and make it pleasant and easy to keep clean with handy desk organizer tools and calming decor
  • Plan your holiday sales and marketing pushes -- Decide now when you’re going to be offering the hottest deals and discounts! Black Friday is no longer king -- shoppers expect deals starting before Halloween and lasting through Christmas. There are a lot of resellers out there, so do your marketing research and be smart about how and when you offer lower prices. Speaking of the competition...
  • Make yourself stand out -- Reselling is at its peak during the holidays, so it’s vital that your listings 1) show up at the top of a shopper’s search results, and 2) really pop out and make customers click. Here are some key ways to make a big difference:
  • Use up to date and highly ranked keywords on your listings
  • Take high quality, professional-level photos of your products (see our blog for tips on photographing your clothing!
  • Include hyper-detailed product information in the description. Don’t leave a potential buyer wondering ANYTHING about the size, quality, brand, and other specifics! 
  • Plan your mental health breaks -- Your business is literally nothing without you. There’s a lot going on in the world today, so plan ahead to account for the additional stresses and demands of holiday reselling. What days will you take breaks, and when is your family vacation? Decide early, and don’t compromise on it. Your health will thank you!

2020’s holiday season will definitely be unlike ones of the past. As we all deal with a global pandemic, resellers and entrepreneurs are evolving and getting extra creative to adjust to a world that seems to change every hour.  

We know times have been tough for a lot of our Boutique By The Box sellers, and we want you to know that we are still there for you with selling tips and support here on our blog, and also on Facebook and Instagram

Did you check all the boxes? You’re awesome--and way to start early! With this guide, you’re sure to be fully prepared to cultivate your inventory, impress your customers, and have a super-strong Q4. Batten down the hatches, and get ready for an awesome holiday reselling season!

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