$3 Donation Box

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$3 Donation Box

If you’re a DIYer, this box is for you!

These are items that have been pulled from our regular boxes for flaws. These flaws include but are not limited to broken zippers, tears, stains, small holes, sample sizes, missing buttons, etc. Each box comes with 25 items.

Some of these items can be repaired easily with a wash, a few stitches, or an additional button. These items are pulled from our incredible boxes and brands can include: The Jetset Diaries, Bishop and Young, LAMade, Generation Love, Joe’s Jeans, Hudson, and more. Some of these items can be NWOT, fully intact, but either missing a brand tag or a sample item.  

The photo above shows examples of flaws in the items that can be in this box. These boxes are restocked sparingly, secure your box today!

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