Donation Box - Flawed Pieces

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BRAND: Mixed Brands

CATEGORY: Assorted Variety


GENDER: Women's

This wholesale lot of women's mixed apparel includes moderately to heavy blemished clothing from the brand Mixed Brands.

At Boutique by the Box, we believe that everything has value, including slightly flawed items. It just takes a little elbow grease and patience to improve these items.

Our collection of Nobody’s Perfect mystery boxes offers our buyers a steep discount on our amazing wholesale brands with the understanding that a little extra TLC will be needed for these items before listing to sell.

If you’re a DIYer, this box is for you! Please note, this box may include women's & men's items, but is mainly womens. 

These are items that have been pulled from our regular boxes for flaws. These flaws include but are not limited to broken zippers, tears, stains, sensors, small holes, sample sizes, missing buttons, etc. Each box comes with 25 items.

Some of these items can be repaired easily with a wash, a few stitches, or an additional button. These items are pulled from our incredible boxes and brands can include any of the brands we sell. Some of these items can be NWOT, fully intact, but either missing a brand tag or a sample item.  

The photo above shows examples of flaws in the items that can be in this box. These boxes are restocked sparingly, secure your box today!


This box ships free within the contiguous United States, which saves you $40+ per order of 20 items or more.

Reseller Pro Tips

Found an amazing piece in your box that has a few slight imperfections? That’s ok! These blemishes are easily fixable. Here's some pro tips from seasoned resellers on how to fix those pieces →

Deodorant Marks

Wipe with a wet wipe, then blast it with a fabric steamer – the deodorant marks will disappear! You don't even have to worry about messing up a new with tag (NWT) item -- this easy fix will let you get it looking like new again while still on the hanger.

Stain treatment

Gorgeous item, but it has a big ol' stain on it? Such a bummer, but it won't even be an issue when you use Amodex. Available at Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Michael's & other retailers, you'll flip for how amazing this stain treatment works. It even removes ink and sharpie!

Makeup Smudges

The same product that takes makeup off your face will take it off a neckline! Grab a bottle of the pink capped micellar water (pink cap is a must, as the blue cap has oil as an ingredient), and dab it on lightly to remove the makeup smudges. Less is more, and it should dry without any watermarks.

Pulls on Fabric

Get yourself a Snag-Nab-It tool from Hobby Lobby or Amazon, and it will instantly repair any snags or pulls without leaving a mark. Use a paper towel to rub over the top of the fabric after using this tool to smooth out any threads that have been displaced.

Reseller reviews of Nobody's Perfect

Customer Reviews

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Viverette G.

Good box for the price. Sold a pair of shirts already.


Pretty good box. Nice selection of different items. Received Dresses, Jeans, T Shirts, Lingerie, Bodysuit. Most have light stains. But look like they will be easy to clean. Posted a few items already but haven't sold anything yet.

Melissa P.

Got some great items, some new with tags, mainly with surface dirt on them. A few items didn't have labels, some t-shirts will need to be tie dyed. A sweater had a small hole that should be easy to repair. I like the challenge of fixing items as I am mainly a passive seller and I do have some time to work on them. Will definitely repurchase!

Tiffany S.

Great deal with the price.

Loriann D.

Nothing was severely flawed.