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Designer Premium Rental Retirees Flaws Women's Wholesale Clothing

Sale price$200.00

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  • BRAND: Mixed Brands
  • CATEGORY: Assorted Variety
  • CONDITION: Flawed
  • GENDER: Women's

This is a 20-piece box of premium designer wholesale clothing from a popular clothing rental program and has been gently worn previously and have flaws. This box is heavy on dresses but does also include tops and outerwear.

We have implemented an all-new product sort for this load of inventory, and each box will receive the following approximate ratio of items:

  • 1 dress from The Great, Hemnant & Nandita, Iro or LoveShackFancy,
  • 1 dress from Sea New York, Night Cap, Amur, Katie May or Hunter Bell
  • 1 dress from Peter Som
  • 1 dress from Jay Godfrey
  • 1 dress from Black Halo or Fame & Partners
  • 1 dress from Maia Bergman, Misa, or Monique
  • 1 dress from Ba&sh, Reformation, Tory Burch, Talulah, Staud, Stevie May, Rococo Sand, For love & lemons, Kate Spade, Hatch or Prabal Gurung
  • 1 dress from Keepsake
  • 2 dresses from Saylor
  • 3 dresses from Hutch 
  • 1 dress from Color me Courtney
  • 2 outerwear from Color Me Courtney, Sita Murt or Saylor
  • 2 outerwear or tops from Ba&sh, Hatch, Jay Godfrey, Shoshanna, Ramy Brook, Acler or Tory Burch
  • 2 outerwear or tops from The Great, Amur, PatBo, Iro, Tory Sport, Sea New York, Maison Margiela, Mackage, Color Me Courtney, Sita Murt, Saylor, or Hutch

We do our best to fulfill each order with an even mix of items at Boutique by the Box, but as with all mystery boxes, we cannot guarantee the ratio of colors, sizes, seasons, styles, or designs. Products may be in any clothing size. There may be some duplicates of styles or sizes. The dress category may contain maxi, midi or mini dresses, rompers, or jumpsuits. 




This box ships free within the contiguous United States, which saves you $40+ per order of 20 items or more.

Reseller Pro Tips

Found an amazing piece in your box that has a few slight imperfections? That’s ok! They are easily fixable. Here's some tips on how to fix those pieces →

Deodorant Marks

Wipe with a wet wipe, then blast it with a fabric steamer – the deodorant marks will disappear!

Makeup Smudges

The same product that takes makeup off your face will take it off a neckline! Grab a bottle of the pink capped micellar water (pink cap is a must, as the blue cap has oil as an ingredient), and dab it on lightly to remove the makeup smudges. Less is more, and it should dry without any watermarks.

Pulls on Fabric

Get yourself a Snag-Nab-It tool from Hobby Lobby or Amazon, and it will instantly repair any snags or pulls without leaving a mark. Use a paper towel to rub over the top of the fabric after using this tool to smooth out any threads that have been displaced.



Our sales team is here to help you scale your reselling business with volume inventory. Nearly all of our available inventory can be ordered with price breaks for volume via custom order. Contact us today to learn more!


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Julie S. (Minneapolis, US)
How did you hear about us?: Social media
Experience: 1-2 years
Platforms: Poshmark
NPS score:
1 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: Variety of brands , Variety of clothing type
Fun Box with Good Variety!

I really enjoyed this box. There was a good mix of brands and types of women’s clothing. All items appear to be repairable (if needed) and sellable. The box was as described! I would recommend this box, especially if you are handy with a needle/thread and like some small projects!

Callmemaydee (San Francisco, US)
How did you hear about us?: Youtube
Experience: 6+ years
Platforms: Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Depop
NPS score:
1 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: Variety, no duplicates , Ease of listing
Improvements: Variety in sizes
Very good variety!

I am pleasantly surprised how much I like this box on an initial impression. I would say more than half of the pieces had minimal to no flaws at all. It is also VERY easy to find stock photos for these. There were total of 3 pieces (one with a huge rip that I honestly don’t know if I wanna list) with flaws. Two of the saylor pieces I got both have flaws so that’s kinda a bummer. I have high hopes for this box 🙏🏻

William B. (Nuevo Laredo, MX)
How did you hear about us?: Youtube
Experience: 0-6 months
Platforms: Poshmark, eBay, other
NPS score:
1 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: The brands , The variety of garments
Improvements: That less damaged garments are sent , Garments used gently
Brings variety but if several come with considerable failures

I am a reseller and I am selling new and used clothes, I was struck by this box for its price and the brands I brought, I was very excited and I was not very satisfied there are several garments with defects. I honestly can't solve it to resell I love Boutique by the box, but it's not box.