The Midi Box

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Basic items are considered anything in between $35 - $69 MSRP. Items are overstock, NWT/NWOT.

Our midi box is stacked with neutrals and mid-range items that are a perfect addition to any reseller's closet! The brands include Chaser, Vintage Havana, and more. These are great options for basics, a brick, and mortar boutique, and for completing outfits.

*Please note that since we are a liquidation company a small percentage of our items have a flaw. The flaws are small and can normally be easily fixed!*

Choose From Options Below: 

  • 15 items 
  • 25 items
  • 50 items


  • Hand-sorted clothing so you can be confident in the variety of your purchase
  • Shipped to your door so you don't have to hunt through liquidation stores anymore
  • Neutrals to finish any outfit so you can sell complete outfits as one package
  • All the basics you need to complement any high-end clothing

     *Please note that although we do our best to provide the perfect brands for each box, that we are still a liquidation company and there will be a variety in clothing from box to box. If you have any questions, you can look through our highlights on Instagram to see different reseller's hauls.*

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