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We have been selling one-off boxes on our Instagram story over the past year but wanted to give everyone an opportunity to browse and purchase these boxes. Choose an option in the dropdown below and the photo above will update to show the inventory for that option.  You will find the description for each option below.  Each box will be sold as-is at discounted prices.   

  • Show Me Your Mumu Dress Covers: This is a box of 37 dress covers from Show Me Your Mumu. They are new, mostly without tags, in a variety of sizes and colors featured in the photo. These work as both crop tops and dress covers. 
  • Pure Barre Legging: These are the same style/color in a variety of sizes (small, medium, and large). No tags attached, in a box of 25.
  • Line & Dot Metal Chain Tank Top: This silky-smooth Line & Dot black metal chain tank top comes in a variety of sizes. They are bagged, not tagged, and come 10 in a box.
  • NUX Dark Green Legging: These leggings are mostly NWT and sold in boxes of 10
  • NUX Lighter Green Leggings: These leggings are mostly NWT and sold in boxes of 10. 
  • NUX Flawed Leggings: These are a combination of flawed NUX leggings (those flaws can include but are not limited to rips, stains, and holes) and samples with no size tags. Comes in a box of 10.
  • Lulu’s Jumpsuit in Pink: These are bagged, NWT Lulu’s jumpsuits in pink in an assortment of sizes.  These will be sold in boxes of 10.  Please contact us if you are interested in a bulk order of this item.
  • House Brand Intimates: This is a house brand intimates box full of NWT, mostly bagged bralettes, bras, and underwear. The brands include but are not limited to Calvin Klein, INC, BALI, Jockey, Wacoal, Natori, Playtext, DKNY, and Volcom. This is one box of 83 pieces sold as-is. 
  • Tie-Dye Daydreamer Long Sleeve: This is a box of 20 duplicate tie-dye Daydreamer long sleeve shirts. These have Daydreamer tags, but no hang tags. There is a potential for manufacturer flaws. 
  • Cecilie Copenhagen: This is a one-off box with three small bags, one larger bag (all NWT, one bag has a minor flaw), one bucket hat, and 10 scrunches (tagged except for 1).
  • Chaser Kids Duplicate Shirts: This is a box of 10 Chaser Kids shirts that say "I love Boys who Volunteer". These are new, sold as-is. They will all be duplicates. 
  • Free People Movement: This box of 10 is a combination of pink and white tank tops, blue/white tee shirt, sweatpants and houndstooth skort. These are new, mostly with tags, and sold as-is. There will be duplicates. The sweatpants come with piling, it is intentionally part of the design.
  • Tie-Dye Swimsuit Bottoms: This is a box of 20 tie-dye swimsuit bottoms. Tags attached, and a variation of three tie-dye colors (as seen in the photos). These are sold as is and will come with duplicates. 
  • No Tags, No Problems: This box is full of 20 mystery items with a variety of brands that did not make it into our other boxes. Since we focus on brand-specific boxes, we pull any brands that don’t have enough for a specific box. These items are not season, brand, color, or size-specific. Some of them are one size fits all, and some don’t have sizing. We are a liquidation company which means there is always a chance for manufacturer flaws. We do not guarantee an equal variation in sizing, duplicates are possible, and this box is sold as-is.

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