The Wildfox Box

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When you don’t have the words to describe how you’re feeling, grab your Wildfox shirt and let it do the talking. Do you feel like pretending to be a cat? Us too. Thankfully, Wildfox has us covered.

Ugh” “I’m a cat” “I’m a mouse” “I love Sundays” are just a few of the adorable sayings you’ll find on these fantastic Wildfox items. 

The Wildfox brand is sold at stores like Revolve, Nordstrom and more! In this box, you should expect to find a combination of Wildfox graphic shirts, plain shirts, and kid’s shirts. The majority of these will be with tags, with some NWOT sprinkled in. 

There is no specific ratio of items to expect and sizes will vary, but are predominantly size small. This box may contain sample shirts.

All items are triple checked by our team before we ship out, but as a liquidation company, there is always a chance of manufacturer flaws. Even items that are NWT or NWOT may still have minor signs of use. Please refer to our return policy for more information. 

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